Online Therapy for Moms of Teens

It’s time to create space for you.


Marti Weiler, LCSW

You’re extremely focused on being a good mom and you’ve sacrificed a lot to make sure you get it right.

Worrying about raising successful children has left you feeling constantly anxious and on edge. You see your adolescent becoming more of an individual, and while it’s a relief to think that you’ve gotten them this far, it’s their turn to take the wheel.

It’s time to learn how to let go so you can have a relationship with this new version of your child.

It’s been exhausting “being mom” for so many years, and you’ve dedicated a great deal of your own time putting energy into caring for others.

But now, as you’re feeling less essential, you wonder how you’re going to redefine what you want out of life while honoring the shift in your identity.

This may seem really foreign to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live meaningfully as you navigate your relationships with your older children.

Therapy with Marti Weiler is the place for figuring out who you are while your children figure out who they are.

I will join you in discovering what you want out of this next phase of life, and together we will revisit the passions you’ve tabled while raising your family.


Click the options below to learn more about therapy for:

Moms of Teens: Therapy for moms who want to prepare for the next stage of parenthood as their teenagers grow into adults.

Moms of Emerging Adults: Therapy for moms who feel stifled by the fact that their grown kids are struggling to find a clear path.

Empty Nesters: Therapy for those who are ready to reclaim their identity and move forward with a meaningful life.


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